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Women Owned.
Crafting Bespoke Brands.

A Creative Studio.

Brands are built around Storytelling. This is our Story.

About The Founder.

Jessica Lifely has been working in Sales and Marketing for over 10 years. Working in many different Industries, she quickly grasped the skills to branch out on her own. The idea for Wishful Websites sprung from her own experience while working in the corporate world experiencing businesses paying crazy money for mediocre websites.


She thought to herself, if those were the prices large corporations were paying for websites, what were small businesses paying and is that why so many small businesses do not have an online presence. During the beginning of the pandemic Jessica set up her own website, social media accounts and decided to brave an uncertain marketplace as a new entrepreneur.


Now, Wishful Websites is in full swing and helping small businesses navigate their online presence at a reasonable price. If you would like to work with a local small business who always has your best interest at heart, contact us today We would love to join you on your digital journey

Passionate about helping you achieve success and making your vision a reality.

About Wishful Websites.

We are committed to ensuring your vision is brought to life through digital avenues. Wishful Websites is dedicated to designing exceptional online experiences for small business owners, weddings, events and more. We work with clients to provide a path for them to stand out from their competitors.

Priding ourselves in creating refined and professional sites while ensuring our clients mission is heard throughout. 
We specialize in web design, branding, illustrations, logo and icon design, SEO & content, digital advertising, social media management and PR. 

Our primary goal with all our clients is to guide them on their journey of digital marketing. To influence and form a partnership with continuing support and advice.


Why don’t we give your online presence the attention it needs? Let’s get creative!

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