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Get Your Dream Website for just $1,000 CAD


Why Are We Rolling Out This Service Package?

To assist businesses with limited budgets, lacking experience, resources, and exposure in thriving within the digital landscape. Additionally, we're providing individuals the chance to gradually expand their website pages if they're unable to afford a full website design or revamp immediately.

What's Included:

  1. One Page Website with Blog & Error Page

  2. SEO

  3. Keywords and Research

  4. Set Up Google My Business

Is There Opportunities To Grow My Website Eventually?

Of course, once your one-pager website is completed, the journey doesn't end there. We're here to support your continuous growth in the digital world.


Looking to expand your website further? We've got you covered. With our flexible options, you can add additional pages over time, ensuring that your online presence evolves alongside your business goals.


For just $500, you can seamlessly integrate a new page into your website whenever you're ready. Whether it's to introduce new products, share valuable content, or enhance user experience, we're here to help you expand your digital footprint affordably and efficiently. Let's embark on this journey together, building and refining your website step by step. 

Affordable Website Starter Package

Let's Build Your Dream Website!

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