Passionate about helping you achieve success and making your vision a reality.


We are committed to ensuring your vision is brought to life through digital avenues. Wishful Websites is dedicated to designing exceptional online experiences for small business owners, weddings, events and more.

We work with clients to provide a path for them to stand out from their competitors.

Priding ourselves in creating refined and professional sites while ensuring our clients mission is heard throughout.


We specialize in web design, branding, illustrations, logo and icon design, SEO & content, digital advertising and PR. 

Our primary goal with all our clients is to guide them on their journey of digital marketing. To influence and form a partnership with continuing support and advice. 

Why don’t we give your online presence the attention it needs? Let’s get creative!

Jessica Lifely has been working in Sales and Marketing for over 10 years. Working in many different Industries and growing throughout the years. She has grasped the skills to branch out on her own.


The idea for Wishful Websites started from working on her own wedding website. With family living all over the world and working on a budget wedding, She thought creating a website with all the important details would be the best way to communicate with the attendees.


She is a massive advocate for a more sustainable world and making her invites paperless and turning to digital is one way she could contribute to a better environment.

From creating her own website combined with 10 years of digital marketing and branding experience it felt like the right time to make the big leap. 

About The Founder

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